Internet song

Notre envoyé spécial en amérique aurais dû nous faire un papier sur les primaires... On aurait pas dû l'envoyer! Mais enfin, si c'est ce que ca lui inspire... Libre à chacun de parler de ce que bon lui semble.

I sent an email to Barrack Obama
While jacking off to
I added AIDS as an attachment,
Then I checked the price of Google stock

Google stock was higher yesterday
So I downloaded some feces pornography
And I uploaded pictures of me to myspace
That didn't show my double chin

Please get off the internet
Don't be such a faggot
20 years ago,
making a webpage about yourself would've been considered anti-social

You are impoverishing the newspaper by reading it online
You can't find a restaurant or a doctor or a plane ticket on your own
Your boss keeps at you 24 hours a day
You are constantly told to refinance your mortgage by a cartoon character

You carry a pocket GPS system
So Facebook can monitor your every movement
Kim Jong Il knows your position to within .013m.
When he abducts you, he'll use you for slave labor and rape.

Please get off the internet
You're destroying society
Steve Hofstetter is a sucessful syndicated comic.

When did everyone become an aspiring hollywood fag?
Why aren't you manufacturing anything?
Are your kids chatting with Nick Dietz on America Online now?
Are your kids chatting with Nick Dietz on America Online now?

You bought a RAM upgrade online
During the commercial break of To Catch A Predator
Now you can run 100 programs at a time
57 of them are gay

You are becoming accustomed to all manner of deviancy
You never use a pen
Your eyes are worsening and worsening
There is a crick in your neck
You read blogs by black people
You can get Pimp C lyrics on demand

Please get off the internet
You've got mail!
Please get off the internet

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David a dit…

Sacre bleu! Tres tres bien!